Typhoon Relief Efforts Underway

Typhoon Haiyan has just devastated the central Philippines where I lived for 10 years. Typhoon Haiyan is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. Devastation and death are wide-spread. Immediate help is needed.

The latest reports are that at least 10,000 people were killed and 680,000 are now homeless. And those numbers will go up from the disease that follows these terrible typhoons. International relief organizations have already started to help but sadly their typhoon relief efforts and other help almost never go to the Ati people (the tribal people we lived with). They are discriminated against on almost every level and overlooked or exploited by many individuals and national organizations.

The Ati people have lost so much , their homes, their belongings, the school and preschool which served as their central meeting place, and community water pump, bathrooms, etc. They have put together lean-to’s out of palm branches and pieces of plastic bags to get out of the endless rain. It is the rainy seasons so they can expect another 50 to 100 inches of rain over the next couple of months.

They are asking for your help.

About CJMI and Our Passion for People.

C.J. Ministries International is an Arizona based Christian based organization that was birthed out of a work of providing early childhood education, medical relief and basic life sustenance to an indigenous tribal group in the central Philippines called the Ati. Since then CJMI has continued to work with the Ati people but is responding to the needs of the underpriveledge worldwide.


Over the years we have rarely reached out to others to support this work but the needs are huge today so we are asking that you pray about your personal involvement as well as the involvement of the organizations you are with. If you feel led to pass this on I would appreciate it and be assured that though we are a small organization, all available funds go directly to the needs in the Philippines.

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