Our Work

CJMI is an Arizona based charity created to provide economic, educational, medical and spiritual relief to people in needy areas.

With the rise of international disasters, CJMI has expanded to meet the ever increasing global need in disaster relief. This focus has lead to opportunities to provide emergency, clean drinkable fluids around the world.

CJMI strives to provide the basic necessities such as food, clothing, shelter, and healthcare through monetary and supply donations. One of the critical needs is basic food and CJMI has found that providing core farmers with better means to grow their own food is critical. 

Having been birthed out of a need in the central Philippines with the indigenous Ati people, we are currently focused on the renovation of the local hospital and creating a safe environment for the local youth.

Opened in 1982, the local hospital provides basic and critical care for the region. However, due to both the climate and economic factors, both the infrastucture and equipment are outdated or in disrepair, providing an unsafe health environment. Funds are needed to provide updated medical and office equipment in order to care for the local people.

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Additionally, CJMI is in the process of securing land to provide a daycare/preschool for the local children. Our goal is to provide education, meals, and clothing within a safe, nurturing envirnoment.

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